Look at Me Now

Words are my Valium


if I could go back in time become a child again I’d forfeit princess for warrior choose sword over silent tongue turn hands into claws trade in dolls for trigger happy guns listen for the war drum the arsenal inside... Continue Reading →

For Earth

I want you to know that it was all worth it just to meet you just to wake up in time to know to understand the tenderness of your sweet breath flowing through my veins I know what we've done... Continue Reading →


you walk in ways that say your fine speak when it’s your turn to speak truthfully words are tiring empty you find a quiet space at the fault line where you can see clearly the setting of the sun what... Continue Reading →

For my Sister

I wish we would have written that book about our family it would have been a dark comedy because the right kind of hindsight can turn anything fucked up into something funny I wish you had never moved into that... Continue Reading →


 The night says: Come hide under the wings of my twilight where you can come and go as you please Breathe moonlight Feel the earth cradle you beneath your feet Lean on the wisdom of trees Kneel under the cathedral... Continue Reading →

Losing Ground

Time for a parade Bold strokes of reclaimed colors once taught to fade from here to there from us reaching out to them follow the circle see how we all connect how if they knew if they'd accept the parade... Continue Reading →


And this is the challenge for this generation: For both sides of our wars to surrender For the soldiers to disregard their orders To look their enemies in the eyes and think only "My God, how human" Over and over

Starting Over

I’m still trying to fill up my soul with a bottle of nothing still trying to find peace in the moment by catching the tail wind of tomorrow still trying to climb my way out of a burning building going... Continue Reading →


sometimes all you can do is hang on through the hurricane as the blizzard bullet snow blows swinging knotted branches echo leaves long since gone eyes closed to the feeling of tunnels digging then to remember it’s how the light... Continue Reading →

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